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Children in foster care

Children in long term foster-care have an almost three times higher risk ratio for having mean grades among the lowest sixth. An even higher risk ratio was found when researchers investigated the probability of leaving studies after mandatory school. This tend to result in problems, such as unemployment, health issues, drugs and other individual and societal problems related to social exclusion.


About Skolfam

But the good news is that risks of having these troubles, are cut by roughly half if children in foster care don´t fail in school. And this is what Skolfam is all about. By mapping individual childrens capacity to perform in school we can find exactly what is needed to make sure that children get the most out of every part of school.

Skolfam is a Swedish acronym of School and Family. The aim is to raise school results for children in foster care. Skolfam was developed in Helsingborg in 2005, and is nowadays a network frame of  25 Swedish municipalities. It can be described as a structured assessment, monitoring and follow-up, based on standardized instruments.

In practical context: A school psychologist and a special education teacher assess childrens strenghts and gaps in psychological factors as well as maths and Swedish. They make a structured plan together with the school and foster parents, and perform regular checkup meetings in school for two years. After two years we do the same assessment again, using the same standardized tests. This means that we can measure the effect of the venture, which usually is promising.


Skolfam´s results and experiences 

So far, over 800 children are enrolled in Skolfam in Sweden and a growing number of children in foster care has experience of finishing school with possibilities to further studies in higher levels. Skolfam has so far enhanced the probability of finishing complimentary school with grades good enough to further studies from 6 out of 10, to 8 out of 10. That is something we, and our Skolfam-children, are very proud of!


Files to download: 

You find our Skolfam-introduction folder as a PDF below:

Short introduction to Skolfam PDF

If you are interested in learning more about Skolfam and the working model, please check Skolfam´s conception description below:

The Skolfam working model – a concept description PDF